Kapiti, New Zealand
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Rudolf Steiner School

Rudolf Steiner School

This school has a rather barren expanse of asphalt for playing courts which dominates the main playground area and creates a fairly inhospitable entrance to the school. There is also a lack of variety in the spaces available for different activities and creative play, and a lack of shade for the students.

The design maintains the courts and provides a series of built-in seating options for watching games. These also double as protection for pockets of planting around the base of shade trees.

The entrance is kept open to allow vehicle access but creates a dramatic entrance feel with paving details and decorative poles to frame the area. A pedestrian route from the entrance to the classrooms and admin buildings flows around the various activities in a gently curving, meandering pathway.

A selection of spaces around the periphery include a circular reading courtyard/outdoor classroom area, covered decks for shady seating areas, and a sunken amphitheatre for performances and casual use/play which engages with the surrounding bush.

This is a long-term plan for the school and will aid them with future planning, fund-raising etc.

Rudolf Steiner Plan