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Project Tag: Eclectic

Makara Magic

Since moving to MakaraBeach in 2008 Rebecca has been taught a thing or two about wind! Extreme winds and driving salt storms lash this little beach village frequently. Rebecca has managed to create a charming and dramatic beach garden which defies the local sceptics who assured her that gardening in such extreme conditions was just…
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State House “Gone Troppo”!

This bungalow was renovated in a unique style by the previous owners under the guidance and inspiration of architect John Mills. The garden takes its cue from the wonderfully quirky details on the house. A daring paint palette inside the house and interesting paving details outside add drama and colour to balance the predominantly green, highly…
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Heart Of The Beachfront

The owner of this beach-house is a very keen gardener and was keen to create a variety of spaces for plants and intimate areas for sitting within the gardens. The  heart-shaped layout creates several small usable areas for sitting out in a variety of conditions/seasons etc and creates interesting spaces for planting. The garden has…
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Rustic Textures

This is the internal courtyard of a very groovy architecturally-designed house set on a hilltop in Wairarapa. It makes maximum use of texture as a response to the clients’ love of texture – she is a textile designer. Rustic, locally sourced materials make reference to the rural location and give an informal flavor to the simple hard-edged design.…
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Wild Tiles

This beachfront property, graced with a wonderful new home by architect Roger Walker, has two distinct sides ? the beach frontage with the lap pool, deck, and rustic timber details, and the ?inland? entrance garden area which presents a more sheltered, lush face to the street. The front door is located half way down the…
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Garage Rooftop Garden

An ugly garage roof sitting about 3/4 of a meter above the surrounding lawn dominated the front garden area of this bungalow – and being the north-west side of the property this seemed like a wasted space for the owner. We designed a tiled rooftop terrace and linked this to the house with decking and timber steps up…
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Inner City Rooftop

A semi-enclosed deck area is the focal point of this inner city appartment – 2 sides open from the living and dining areas of the apartment. The client wanted a lush, sheltered garden “escape” in the Balinese style, quite a challenge for a top-storey apartment in Wellington! Also she was determined to have a lawn – and she now has one,…
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Australian Beachhouse

This rustic and delightful house belongs to my sister and her family on the coast south of Geelong in Victoria. I was naturally asked to come up with some ideas for the garden and it is a fun process watching the garden evolve – and helping to build bits of it whilst on ‘holiday”! There…
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Lush Coastal

  Eastbourne Beachfront This property fronts onto Eastbourne waterfront and also looks back towards the bush clad hills just one block away to the east. Whilst the aim of the garden on the seaward side was to provide an effective foreground to the open harbour views, the inland garden area warranted a totally different approach.…
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Beachside Oasis

This was Rebecca Wilson’s previous garden, and it celebrates its beachside setting in flamboyant style! Only a 300m2 site but a variety of outdoor living areas are created, each with a distinct atmosphere. Hand-crafted details in the mosaic work add colour and personality offset by lush, predominantly native coastal planting.