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Project Tag: Windy Garden

Makara Magic

Since moving to MakaraBeach in 2008 Rebecca has been taught a thing or two about wind! Extreme winds and driving salt storms lash this little beach village frequently. Rebecca has managed to create a charming and dramatic beach garden which defies the local sceptics who assured her that gardening in such extreme conditions was just…
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Glasshouse pool

This property, a lifestyle block in Pauatahanui, is elevated with great views over the surrounding countryside? but the wind really hits the garden and the thought of investing in a pool which was too cold and windy to enjoy was too much to cope with. The pool was located around the back of the house…
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Pocket Handkerchief Garden

This small space was not required for seating etc. but is near the front door and looked down on from the stories above. The design creates a simple yet dramatic garden view from above and an interesting semi-formal entrance garden. Plant selection was limited to virtually indestructible native coastal species due to the buffeting winds.

Gale-Force Solution

This hilltop property is exposed to winds from every possible direction, and feeble attempts at outdoor living had been “unrewarding.” An open-roofed outdoor room was created which is extraordinarily sheltered, even on the wildest Wellington day. In calm weather the bifold windows open up to the views below and the wide timber slab sills double…
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Minimalist Country

The concept design for this property was completed prior to the new house being designed to allow the owners to begin planting the largely empty paddocks. Once the new house plan ? by Architect Gerald Parsonson ? was completed the landscape plan was able to be adjusted to fit. The house is a dramatic and…
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Wild Tiles

This beachfront property, graced with a wonderful new home by architect Roger Walker, has two distinct sides ? the beach frontage with the lap pool, deck, and rustic timber details, and the ?inland? entrance garden area which presents a more sheltered, lush face to the street. The front door is located half way down the…
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New Seatoun

This modern home was carefully designed to leave small but effective spaces for outdoor living on this relatively small section. A sense of space is maintained with the way the house opens fully to the garden. The pergola-covered entranceway  creates a definite threshold coming in off the street, and the garden is a nice surprise…
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This garden is looked in on from all quarters by neighbouring houses and desperately needed privacy screening with planting. The owners love sitting outside and required a low-maintenance planting scheme which would give them green, fragrant and private surroundings. With Greek family origins, they wanted a distinctly classical Meditteranean feel and the area already had…
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Inner City Rooftop

A semi-enclosed deck area is the focal point of this inner city appartment – 2 sides open from the living and dining areas of the apartment. The client wanted a lush, sheltered garden “escape” in the Balinese style, quite a challenge for a top-storey apartment in Wellington! Also she was determined to have a lawn – and she now has one,…
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Mount Vic Roof Garden

This rooftop concept design, yet to be implemented, is for a villa roof area opening from the upstairs master bedroom. The entire Butinol lining roof will be covered with a drainage membrane to protect the liner and provide free drainage over the deck. The pavers and planters will be supported by corner pedistals and the deck will…
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