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Project Tag: Parks

Petone Foreshore

This park is part of an ongoing project with the Hutt City Council for the development of the Petone foreshore. The “Before” images show the site as it was before as an unused, unsightly paddling pool. A major thrust of the design was to reconnect people with the Petone waterfront by reducing the dominance of the seawalls, encourage…
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Korohiwa Bay Beachfront

Much to our delight after our failure to win the design competition for the Korohiwa Subdivision, we were asked to design the beachfront area. This is a wild and windswept beach, largely gravel rather than sand. The gravel expanse seems to grow each year and the whole area was beginning to look pretty inhospitable. The…
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Taita Playground

The Hutt City Council commissioned this design to provide a playground for local pre-school children. The design incorporates a range of rustic structures to encourage creative play and allow the children to invent their own ways to use these elements. The essential slide and swings are also included but designed within structures which allow multi-use.…
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This labyrinth, originally built in the beautiful grounds of Frederick Wallis House in Military Road, Lower Hutt, is based on the labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral.   Our job as designers was to suggest materials (we strongly felt a tile mosaic was the only appropriate option) and then to select colours and suitable tiles… and then find a way to build…
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Porirua Police College

This walkway and the associated sitting areas are an ongoing project to create attractive and relaxing areas along the existing lakeside and stream gully. Stage 1, the walkway, is now completed. This is a memorial walk to commemorate police officers who have been killed in active service. Sitting areas provide a range of semi-private spaces for contemplation and grieving etc,…
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Levin Main Street

The redesign of Levin?s main street focused on a range of key areas within the retail shopping zone with consideration also given to the entrance to Levin at each end of the town, and general recommendations for improving the spaces between. The theme was deliberately rustic to develop the feel of a country township, avoiding…
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Te Maire Park, Shannon

Shannon used to be a pretty forgettable little town – hard to believe now as the place has become such a delightful place, developing a country village atmosphere all it’s own. The first step in this process was turning the windswept and inhospitable road reserve along the western side of the “main drag” into a park. Whilst the…
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Shannon War Memorial Gardens

Shannon always had a few war memorials – but they were either surrounded in asphalt at  the bus turnaround area or scattered around the Railway Station area, some almost completely hidden by trees. The decision was made to relocate the smaller memorials to one area around the main Cenotaph and develop the Shannon War Memorial Gardens.  This area…
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