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Project Tag: Waterfront Projects

Petone Kiosk

This little kiosk on the Petone foreshore sells snacks and drinks but needed somewhere sheltered and handy for their customers to sit, relax and dine. The area needed to also remain open to the road and welcome visitors to the adjacent playground and through to the beach beyond. The area is extremely exposed and is…
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Petone Foreshore

This park is part of an ongoing project with the Hutt City Council for the development of the Petone foreshore. The “Before” images show the site as it was before as an unused, unsightly paddling pool. A major thrust of the design was to reconnect people with the Petone waterfront by reducing the dominance of the seawalls, encourage…
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Korohiwa Bay Beachfront

Much to our delight after our failure to win the design competition for the Korohiwa Subdivision, we were asked to design the beachfront area. This is a wild and windswept beach, largely gravel rather than sand. The gravel expanse seems to grow each year and the whole area was beginning to look pretty inhospitable. The…
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Korohiwa Bay, Eastbourne

This project was a design competition for Korohiwa bay, Eastbourne. Our scheme involved a medium density housing development on the inland side of the road. This enabled extensive landscape and beach improvements on the housing zone. The theme of a compact beach village tucked into the hillside and sea cliffs was developed by John Mills…
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