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Project Tag: Small gardens

Asian Fusion

This garden, owned by a couple with Pacific and Asian roots, incorporates a mix of both subtropical and Japanese themes in both the planting and detailing. The courtyard area makes use of the sunny, sheltered aspect with a riot of flowering, bold foliage plants, whilst the lower courtyard is shady and used more as a viewing…
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Heart Of The Beachfront

The owner of this beach-house is a very keen gardener and was keen to create a variety of spaces for plants and intimate areas for sitting within the gardens. The  heart-shaped layout creates several small usable areas for sitting out in a variety of conditions/seasons etc and creates interesting spaces for planting. The garden has…
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Petone Cottage

These clients wanted to draw on their Maori heritage in the design and detailing of their garden, with more than a drop of Kiwi Back Yard thrown in! The entrance to this little cottage is past a manuka pole screen , following a double koru path featuring bright red tiles, charcoal pebbles and Black Mondo…
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Mt. Vic Courtyard

This garden included a courtyard for outdoor living and a separate entrance walkway. The courtyard is completely sheltered and private, with visitors not treated to a view of the area until they are inside the house, due to the tall concrete wall between the two areas. The courtyard materials are simple and understated, with the…
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Pocket Handkerchief Garden

This small space was not required for seating etc. but is near the front door and looked down on from the stories above. The design creates a simple yet dramatic garden view from above and an interesting semi-formal entrance garden. Plant selection was limited to virtually indestructible native coastal species due to the buffeting winds.

Gale-Force Solution

This hilltop property is exposed to winds from every possible direction, and feeble attempts at outdoor living had been “unrewarding.” An open-roofed outdoor room was created which is extraordinarily sheltered, even on the wildest Wellington day. In calm weather the bifold windows open up to the views below and the wide timber slab sills double…
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Rustic Textures

This is the internal courtyard of a very groovy architecturally-designed house set on a hilltop in Wairarapa. It makes maximum use of texture as a response to the clients’ love of texture – she is a textile designer. Rustic, locally sourced materials make reference to the rural location and give an informal flavor to the simple hard-edged design.…
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Cliff-Edge Pool

This pool, sited on an extremely small, steep site, required a simple clean-lined design to sit easily beside the contemporary style home and maximise the feeling of space. The spectacular view to the harbour is made especially dramatic with the “infinity” pool edge that curves out to meet the sea – a waterfall spills over the entire curved…
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Wave Deck

I include this old project in the portfolio only because I am so fond of it – it was my first paid job back in 1993! – and also because it illustrates boldly that decks don’t have to be square! The clients were presented with two concepts, one being a regular square deck, and they…
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Drinking Fountain

This tiny entrance garden is lucky enough to be owned by a flamboyant couple who enjoy doing things a little differently. They selected the recycled fencing and said they wanted a public drinking fountain on their fence too! The Victorian drinking fountain is extremely popular, located as it is at the top of a thirsty…
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