Kapiti, New Zealand
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Wild Tiles

Wild Tiles

This beachfront property, graced with a wonderful new home by architect Roger Walker, has two distinct sides ? the beach frontage with the lap pool, deck, and rustic timber details, and the ?inland? entrance garden area which presents a more sheltered, lush face to the street. The front door is located half way down the narrow southern side of the house but the design makes this a fun journey.  The broken tile detail in the drive leads to the dramatic foliage-inspired gate by John Calvert. The tile path continues to meander in sinuous curves to the bright red front door, passing intriguing views into a private courtyard on the way.

The front garden forms the foreground to the harbour and beach. The deck features another piece by John Calvert ? a rustic seat, again inspired by native plant forms.

Planting is tough enough to withstand the coastal winds and the lap pool (By Roger Walker) connects the property to the harbour waters.

Contractor: Peter Green, Horokiwi Paving

Artwork (Gate and seat): John Calvert ( www.johncalvert.co.nz)