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Project Tag: Contemporary Gardens

Contemporary Country

The brief for this project was to create a restful yet contemporary series of spaces around the house for relaxing and socialising. I was keen to ensure that this sat well within the rural scene and reflected where they were. There was limited flat space so the pool and lawn were built out into the paddock with…
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Mt. Vic Courtyard

This garden included a courtyard for outdoor living and a separate entrance walkway. The courtyard is completely sheltered and private, with visitors not treated to a view of the area until they are inside the house, due to the tall concrete wall between the two areas. The courtyard materials are simple and understated, with the…
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Rustic Textures

This is the internal courtyard of a very groovy architecturally-designed house set on a hilltop in Wairarapa. It makes maximum use of texture as a response to the clients’ love of texture – she is a textile designer. Rustic, locally sourced materials make reference to the rural location and give an informal flavor to the simple hard-edged design.…
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Cliff-Edge Pool

This pool, sited on an extremely small, steep site, required a simple clean-lined design to sit easily beside the contemporary style home and maximise the feeling of space. The spectacular view to the harbour is made especially dramatic with the “infinity” pool edge that curves out to meet the sea – a waterfall spills over the entire curved…
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Minimalist Country

The concept design for this property was completed prior to the new house being designed to allow the owners to begin planting the largely empty paddocks. Once the new house plan ? by Architect Gerald Parsonson ? was completed the landscape plan was able to be adjusted to fit. The house is a dramatic and…
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Moat House

This exciting house – by Symbiosis Architects – with its moat, dramatic rooflines, tapered form and multiple glass walls and windows demanded a similarly dramatic garden design. However, whilst the house was beautifully designed and built, the landscaping was not really working that well and some problems with the leaking pond, lack of privacy and unused outdoor areas…
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Wild Tiles

This beachfront property, graced with a wonderful new home by architect Roger Walker, has two distinct sides ? the beach frontage with the lap pool, deck, and rustic timber details, and the ?inland? entrance garden area which presents a more sheltered, lush face to the street. The front door is located half way down the…
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New Seatoun

This modern home was carefully designed to leave small but effective spaces for outdoor living on this relatively small section. A sense of space is maintained with the way the house opens fully to the garden. The pergola-covered entranceway  creates a definite threshold coming in off the street, and the garden is a nice surprise…
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Clean and Green

Like most of my clients this couple wanted an extremely low maintenance garden. The design makes use of a very simple planting palette and dramatic, clean diagonal lines to complement the modern home. A water feature on the wall did not eventuate but the rock bed is a nice compromise and the pair of immaculate…
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This garden is looked in on from all quarters by neighbouring houses and desperately needed privacy screening with planting. The owners love sitting outside and required a low-maintenance planting scheme which would give them green, fragrant and private surroundings. With Greek family origins, they wanted a distinctly classical Meditteranean feel and the area already had…
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