Kapiti, New Zealand
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Project Type: Residential

Porthole Pool

This pool makes use of an old tennis court behind the house which was raised about a metre above house floor level. Being situated on the east side of the house it made sense to keep the area raised to allow the afternoon summer sun to come over the house. The clients wanted to feel…
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Resort Style

The American-style woodland garden is the inspiration for this garden. The client?s love of this style fortunately fitted well with the climatic conditions of this site ? reasonably sheltered with cold winters and warm summers. The brief was to create ?a resort in our back yard?! So a pool, poolhouse, tennis court and spa were…
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Treetops Pool

These clients love space! The problem was that the best, most sheltered part of the garden – and the area best connected to the house – didn’t look big enough for their taste. The lawn fell away into a small gully only a few metres from the house.  I have always loved those tropical treehouse type designs which have decks, complete…
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Access issues

These clients have a problem common in Wellington – a pretty arduous tramp up to their house! Rather than install a cablecar they opted for a redesign of their path and steps.

Petone Cottage

These clients wanted to draw on their Maori heritage in the design and detailing of their garden, with more than a drop of Kiwi Back Yard thrown in! The entrance to this little cottage is past a manuka pole screen , following a double koru path featuring bright red tiles, charcoal pebbles and Black Mondo…
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Glasshouse pool

This property, a lifestyle block in Pauatahanui, is elevated with great views over the surrounding countryside? but the wind really hits the garden and the thought of investing in a pool which was too cold and windy to enjoy was too much to cope with. The pool was located around the back of the house…
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Contemporary Country

The brief for this project was to create a restful yet contemporary series of spaces around the house for relaxing and socialising. I was keen to ensure that this sat well within the rural scene and reflected where they were. There was limited flat space so the pool and lawn were built out into the paddock with…
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Mt. Vic Courtyard

This garden included a courtyard for outdoor living and a separate entrance walkway. The courtyard is completely sheltered and private, with visitors not treated to a view of the area until they are inside the house, due to the tall concrete wall between the two areas. The courtyard materials are simple and understated, with the…
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Return To Raro

These clients have Rarotongan roots and wanted an outdoor area which suited their style of family gatherings, celebrations and general family living. The vertical sleeper wall creates a dramatic base for the bush surroundings and maximises flat lawn space for games, marquee?s etc. The tropical style gazebo, built by the family, creates a wonderful island-style…
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Pocket Handkerchief Garden

This small space was not required for seating etc. but is near the front door and looked down on from the stories above. The design creates a simple yet dramatic garden view from above and an interesting semi-formal entrance garden. Plant selection was limited to virtually indestructible native coastal species due to the buffeting winds.