Kapiti, New Zealand
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Project Type: Residential

New Seatoun

This modern home was carefully designed to leave small but effective spaces for outdoor living on this relatively small section. A sense of space is maintained with the way the house opens fully to the garden. The pergola-covered entranceway  creates a definite threshold coming in off the street, and the garden is a nice surprise…
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Tile Treat

This entrance garden to a large Victorian Villa is formal and inviting with a simple layout, mass-planting behind low hedges and a dramatic Victorian tiling feature on the landing. The lawn has been levelled to provide some open, green space which also creates a small play area and tree house for the children. Contractor: Red…
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Drinking Fountain

This tiny entrance garden is lucky enough to be owned by a flamboyant couple who enjoy doing things a little differently. They selected the recycled fencing and said they wanted a public drinking fountain on their fence too! The Victorian drinking fountain is extremely popular, located as it is at the top of a thirsty…
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Clean and Green

Like most of my clients this couple wanted an extremely low maintenance garden. The design makes use of a very simple planting palette and dramatic, clean diagonal lines to complement the modern home. A water feature on the wall did not eventuate but the rock bed is a nice compromise and the pair of immaculate…
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This garden is looked in on from all quarters by neighbouring houses and desperately needed privacy screening with planting. The owners love sitting outside and required a low-maintenance planting scheme which would give them green, fragrant and private surroundings. With Greek family origins, they wanted a distinctly classical Meditteranean feel and the area already had…
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Contemporary Beach Living

This large family holiday home required a garden which could satisfy the needs of a large extended family. Children?s play areas, boat storage access, outdoor showers, entertaining, dining and sun-bathing all had to happen in this smallish front yard. With the open beach just through the hedge shelter and privacy was also an issue.  

Garage Rooftop Garden

An ugly garage roof sitting about 3/4 of a meter above the surrounding lawn dominated the front garden area of this bungalow – and being the north-west side of the property this seemed like a wasted space for the owner. We designed a tiled rooftop terrace and linked this to the house with decking and timber steps up…
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Inner City Rooftop

A semi-enclosed deck area is the focal point of this inner city appartment – 2 sides open from the living and dining areas of the apartment. The client wanted a lush, sheltered garden “escape” in the Balinese style, quite a challenge for a top-storey apartment in Wellington! Also she was determined to have a lawn – and she now has one,…
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Mount Vic Roof Garden

This rooftop concept design, yet to be implemented, is for a villa roof area opening from the upstairs master bedroom. The entire Butinol lining roof will be covered with a drainage membrane to protect the liner and provide free drainage over the deck. The pavers and planters will be supported by corner pedistals and the deck will…
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Australian Beachhouse

This rustic and delightful house belongs to my sister and her family on the coast south of Geelong in Victoria. I was naturally asked to come up with some ideas for the garden and it is a fun process watching the garden evolve – and helping to build bits of it whilst on ‘holiday”! There…
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